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If you like quality food that has been freshly baked in the home then you have come to the right place. I have recently started to bake traditional homebaked goods for sale. I have a regular stall at the market in Newbridge and I hope to expand to other markets and in the near future provide a delivery service to homes in the Kildare area. I will also be expanding the produce to include breads and sweetbreads later. I will be posting more information and recipes and tips too.

Karen's News

News Item One

I hope to be at the Newbridge market with freshly baked produce every Friday.


News Item Two

New website will have current details of markets, products and even some recipes.


Beautiful cheescakes such as baileys, strawberry and lemon.

  Something with a cuppa?

Something home baked with your tea or coffee. Fresh apple or Rhubarb tart.

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Natural Homebaked Goods

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